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Please leave us a message if you want us on your store shelves! It would be our pleasure to be your snack food supplier. We'd love to answer any of your questions.

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Orient Pearl Goods & Services Pte Ltd.
No. 1 Bukit Batok Crescent
#06-55 WCEGA Plaza
Singapore 658064
Email: sales@opfoodsgroup.com
Phone: +65 6570 9481
Fax: +65 6570 3116

The Newest Trend in Snacks

Our exciting new product is making waves in the snacking industry...

About Innovative Packaging Industry Corp.

Innovative Packaging Industry Corporation has been a manufacturer of products for multinational corporations such as Nestle, Unilever and Delmonte Foods for over 15 years. This is still what we do today. Our manufacturing site is FSSC22OOO compliant, and is USFDA certified. It prides itself of world class quality systems to ensure that only the best and safest products are produced.


The most critial aspect of our brand is our integrity. Maintaining a strong moral compass is central to our business.


Our creativity and critical thinking fuels our growth. With our expert food scientist, we strive to revolutionize the way we snack. Our commitment is to deliver Honest, All Natural, Guilt-free and Great Tasting snacks.


We are passionate individuals who believe that eating right and staying active are the keys to a healthy and happy life. Our entire team is built in a culture that inspires us to deliver excellence in every way.

Head Turner

Our goal is all about CHANGING what people snack on.

Armed with a team of passionate individuals branstorming, testing and leading innovation in food technology, we are set on delivering products that are not only made from real and natural ingredients, but built on our belief that snacking can be healthy and delicious at the same time.

It is our objective to become the most trusted brand in healthy snacks by consumers and to deliver vitality and goodness to the human race in every way.

Our vision as a team is to bring pride to the Philippines by being the first brand to be accepted in the mainstream market globally.

Sustainability & Diversity

When one has pure intentions, the path may be arduous, but a way is always shown. With no knowledge on farming, OH SO HEALTHY team members have embarked in yet another project that is filled with impossibilities , but so full of promise and faith in humanity that it requires no further contemplation. OH SO HEALTHY has committed to help the farmers through training, education and guaranteed volume commitment. Forging this deal will hopefully help sustain a livelihood program for the IPs.

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Eat Your Kimchi Crispy!

Our newest product to kick off our savory line. Made with real fermented Kimchi. Just the right balance of spice and that touch of sweetness. No preservatives. We do not fry our crisps.

Mango Sweet Potato Banana

Bursting with Mango flavor but with the subtle mix of sweet potato and banana - This snack gives you the nutritional value of 3 ingredients in one pack. No preservatives. We do not fry our crisps.

Guava Purple Yam Banana

The aromatic guava flavor will surely surprise you. Mixed subtle fruits of purple yam and banana - this snack gives you the nutritional value of 3 ingredients in one pack. No preservatives. We do not fry our crisps.

Purple Yam Banana Coconut

The beautiful color of these crisps comes from our Purple Yam ingredient and mixed with banana and coconut - this snack gives you the nutritional value of 3 ingredients in one pack, No preservatives. We do not fry our crisps.

Jackfruit Pineapple Banana

That sweet Jackfruit flavor is addicting with fruits of pineapple fragrance and banana taste, This snack gives you the nutritional value of 3 ingredients in one pack. No preservatives. We do not fry our crisps.

The beautiful color of these crisps...

Real Eye Popping

Our vibrant line-up of products that will leave you feeling good when you snack.

40 gms packs - 3 pack in a Gift Bag 40 gms x 3 pcs - Grab and Go Packs 20gms x 12 pcs

Where to Find Us

In less than a year our products was able to penetrate almost 600 stores nationwide through the biggest retail chains in the Philippines. We also have presence in Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and Australia.

Join Us

Come and be part of growing Oh So Healthy! world of Snacking. Let us work together in making snacks...

  • Oh So Healthy!
  • tasting great
  • absolutely satisfying
  • convenient
  • versatile
  • absolutely no preservatives
  • and accessible in every retail or on-line store

Interested to try our product and make us part of your distribution network? Contact us at...

Our Products

Guava Purple Yam Banana
Purple Yam Banana Coconut
Mango Sweet Potato Banana
Jackfruit Pineapple Banana
Snack Pack
Grab and Go Tray

Oh So Healthy!®
Guilt-free Snacking
271 T. Santiago St. Veinte Reales, Valenzuela City 1440, Philippines
P: +6322775098
Mail: info@imohsohealthy.com

Oh So Healthy! is available in:

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