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A snack is a small portion of food and generally eaten between meals. A healthy snack is one that offers nutritional value and is low in harmful ingredients such as saturated fat, added sugars, and sodium. A great healthy snack is one that is also yummy! These Singapore Snacks definitely meet the criteria of a great healthy snack. Whether at work, at play, or simply taking the time to indulge in a treat Oh So Healthy! is always the perfect choice.

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Singapore Snacks - Guava Crisps
Singapore Snacks - Purple Yam Crisps
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Trending Singapore Snacks

Setting the pace for new trends is never a small undertaking. Integrity, innovation, insight, inspiration and excellence are the key ingredients Oh So Healthy! uses to create new snacking experiences that are setting a new standard in the industry. Our passion for what we do - make the absolute most amazing taste experience - is the reason for Oh So Healthy!'s popularity. We want it to be just right. We need it to be just right. Our taste and texture technicians work tirelessly on each recipe until the absolute best balance is found. Then, and only then, are we ready to release the next flavor to add to our tasty snack family.

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Singapore Snacks You Can Feel Good About

Well, how about those kids? You want to give them snacks but don't want them filling up on sugar, processed food and foods made with stuff you can't pronounce. Made entirely of natural ingredients with no added sugar or preservatives our crisps are a snack choice you can feel good about giving your kids. Our Singapore Snacks are not fried and don't contain any oil. And the taste? Definitely kid approved. Naturally sweet and naturally yummy, Oh So Healthy Crisps is certain to be a hit. Moms don't need to compromise on health and quality, and kids don't need to know their favorite snack food is actually good for them!

Singapore Snacks and Slacking

Grab your partner, a bag of Oh So Healthy! Crisps, hit the couch and kick back for the evening. Okay, who are we kidding? Partner or not you are going to have a hard time sharing our Crisps. Better make it two bags. Perfect for every occassion. Light and bursting with flavor with a crisp, satisfying crunch that you want in a snack food. So sit back. Take a little time to slack. Enjoy your favorite snack!

Singapore Snacks

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